A comprehensive guide to noise reduction in glass office acoustics

Open Office plan with a glass partition meeting room

To keep your workspace quiet and focused, you need to stop sound travelling.

Sound, including normal speech, will travel through some glass partitions, while others will block all but the loudest noises.

The table below shows the acoustic performance of each type of glass partition, depending on glazing and thickness. Other things that will affect performance include suspended ceilings, air grills, conditioning ductwork and transition details between walls. These and other factors mean that the acoustic performance of a partition revealed by a test can be up to 5dB higher than its real-world performance.

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Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw)Speech Privacy LevelSystem
25 dBNormal speech can be overheardSingle Glazed
30 dBLoud speech can be heard clearlySingle Glazed
35 dBLoud speech can be heard and distinguished in normal conditionsSingle Glazed
40 dBLoud speech can be heard but not distinguishedDouble Glazed
45 dBLoud speech can be heard faintly but not distinguishedDouble Glazed
50 dBLoud speech can only be heard faintly with great difficultyDouble Glazed


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