Ceiling Rafts

  • Ideal for open-plan offices or large areas
  • Unique ‘floating’ design can be used where other ceiling systems are unsuitable
  • Large range of flat, curved and angled ceiling rafts
  • Customised ceiling raft options available
  • Full installation included as part of office fit-out service

Many of our clients want their office to have a unique and central focus. Ceiling rafts are the perfect way of turning your ceiling into your office’s statement feature.

Our suspended ceiling rafts feature a unique floating design, creating an artistic ‘weightless’ feel within your office. Perfect for adding a creative, contemporary, rustic feel that can highlight the natural features of the architecture of your building in order to make a bold statement.

If you have an open plan or large open area within your office our acoustic ceiling rafts are a perfect choice. They have noise cancelling properties for your space, so that sound from the floor won’t be amplified around your room.

In terms of design, if you are looking for a central feature for your office, ceiling rafts work exceptionally well when backlit, or positioned as part of a cluster. Adding a simple, show-stopping central feature to your office to instantly impress any clients or guests that visit your office.

Radius Office Interiors stock a wide range of ceiling rafts, including flat, curved and angled designs. We can even customise ceiling rafts to suit the exact shape and style of your building. Ensuring that you receive a ceiling perfectly catering to your both your office’s space and design. Creating a look and ceiling system entirely unique to you and your business.

We offer a full turnkey service. Which means we’ll work with you from initial designs right through to final installation, to ensure you get the results you want.

We’re Ireland’s premier installers of ceiling systems and have over 30 years of experience in the industry. We have the expertise required to produce a truly impressive ceiling for your business. And are excited to help you create the perfect ceiling system to suit your every need.

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