Open Cell Ceilings

  • Open cell ceilings consist of open, modular cells fixed to a suspension grid
  • Custom-made to improve air flow and quality in the workplace
  • Well suited to busy, open-plan areas such as restaurants and sports centres
  • Extensive range of styles, colours and sizes
  • Full delivery and installation included as part of office fit-out service

In busy open plan areas it’s important for air flowing freely through the office. Open cell ceiling systems suit these needs perfectly and are ideal choices for areas with heavy traffic. Such as restaurants, sports centres and canteens.

The innovative modular cell design of our open cell ceiling grids allows air to flow freely throughout any room. This minimises heat build-up within your space, which helps to regulate the heating in your office. Making the climate more comfortable for you and your workers and helping you to save money and the environment.

Our open cell suspended ceilings also help to reduce the problematic build-up of damp and mould within your office. Making them a perfect way for you to ensure your office stays on top of all health and safety regulations. As well as saving you money on repainting or decorating damp spots that would otherwise appear on your walls.

Radius Office Interiors specialise in the supply and installation of open cell ceiling systems, and our range can be customised to suit your exact requirements.

Open cell ceilings aren’t just practical, they also offer a strong, dynamic look for your workplace. Our extensive range allows you to choose a colour and style that matches your existing décor or completely transforms your space. Our ceiling panels also give you the option to match your ceiling to your brand. Ensuring that every detail big or small reflects the brand and image you want to reflect for your company perfectly.

We’re Ireland’s leading office fit-out experts, with 30 years of experience in the industry. We’ll work with you from initial designs right through to final installation. Ensuring that you receive an open cell ceiling system that looks professional and reflects your business in the best possible light.

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