Suspended Ceilings

  • Suspended ceilings are the most popular form of ceiling system in offices
  • Easy to maintain, and help conceal elements of building infrastructure, such as wiring and pipes
  • Our extensive range of suspended ceilings help reduce noise, improve lighting and cut down on mould
  • Range includes hook-on tile, clip-in tiles and lay-in tiles
  • Supply and installation included in our office fit-out service

Suspended ceilings are the most popular choice of ceiling system amongst our clients. They’re a more affordable option, helping to create a light, uniform look within your workplace.

There are many benefits to choosing suspended ceilings for your office. They’re easy to maintain and can be used to conceal and cover unattractive pipes and wires within your ceiling. Making them an easy and stylish way to hide the essential systems within your office that detract from the clean, sleek look your offices may strive for.

Acoustic fittings within your suspended ceiling grid can also help to reduce noise within your office. Making them a perfect option for large, open plan spaces to allowing employees to work with minimum distraction.

A major benefit of a suspended ceiling system is that it can help your air conditioning and air purifying systems circulate around your office. This helps to reduce mould within your office, saving you money and keeping your office in line with all health and safety regulations.

Radius Office Interiors offers an extensive range of suspended ceiling tiles to choose from available in a variety of different styles. Including hook-on, clip-in and lay-in tiles. Whatever style you are seeking for your new ceiling we’re here to ensure it looks sleek, modern and stylish and best suits your new office space.

We’ll supply and install your chosen suspended ceiling system as part of our office fit-out service.

Throughout our over 30 years within the business, we’ve worked with enterprises of all sizes, including the public sector. Regardless of the size of your company you can trust us to create a professional, reliable ceiling for your business that best suits your needs and brands own personal style.

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