Distinct interior decorating will help to firmly establish your business as a company to be taken seriously.

  • Comprehensive decorating service available, and all aspects of decorating covered
  • Decorating services include – painting, plastering, refurbishment and branding
  • Expert decorating team with 30 years’ experience in the industry
  • Wide range of options – choose your colours, finishes, materials and more
  • Decorating included as part of turnkey office fit-out service

When undertaking an office refurbishment it is imperative to pay close attention to the finishing touches in order to make the right first impression on clients. You can achieve the right look for your business through your choice of office decoration.

Final details, such as painting, plastering and even decorative branding, can make all the difference in creating a distinct look and feel to your business. Distinct interior decorating will help to firmly establish your business as a company to be taken seriously, by staff and customers alike.

Radius Office Interiors offer a wide range of decorating services; including painting, plastering, visual branding, professional application of stickers (such as logos) and other branding-related decoration work.

As part of our painting service, we will come up with a variety of creative solutions to help ensure you get the best possible result for your business. We focus on making the most of all available light by choosing the right colour scheme. We can also reflect your brand through your colour scheme by selecting an appropriate palette. We also offer a range of specialist paints, including heavy-wearing, stain-resistant and mould-resistant styles. Which are ideal for any businesses that need heavy duty materials while also wanting to maintain a clean, stylish look.

Our plastering services not only include the application of plaster, but the stripping of old materials, such as wallpaper, wood chip and existing plaster. Getting rid of any old, broken, or outdated walling and granting you a perfect blank canvas to work up from. We also ensure that you get a completely smooth finish, to add a high-quality, professional look to your office.

Visual branding is an important step in office decorating to create a unique and instant way to establish your business’s brand. This can easily be achieved through the application of stickers, featuring your logo throughout your office building. These can be incorporated into many different areas within your building, including glass partitions, office furniture, even through decals stuck onto your wall. Visual branding is an excellent way of presenting a corporate image and emphasising your brand to your guests.

All of our decorating services come as part of our office fit-out service. Whatever design services you require, we have got the skills and experience to help.

We’ve worked with numerous businesses in the past; from start-up ventures to large corporations, even the public sector. From basic repainting to extensive office redecoration, with over 30 years of experience, you can trust us to complete the job to an exceptionally high standard.

We are one of Ireland’s premier design & fit out specialists for office interiors. We offer reliable service & free quotes for all office refurbishments and commercial fit outs