Carpet Tiles

  • Wide range of office carpet tiles in stock for commercial and public sector
  • Choose from solution dyed colour, style and pattern options
  • High quality carpet tiles for commercial flooring
  • Delivery and installation from our experienced team
  • Modular flooring carpet tiles with ease of installation and maintenance

Carpet tiles are the most popular and consistent choice for commercial flooring when looking into an office fit-out or renovation because tiles can be quickly installed or replaced.

Also known as carpet squares or tessera carpet tiles, this flooring choice is a favourite among our clients and market leaders, as it offers a lot of flexibility in terms of style and design. These carpet tiles can be styled and arranged into any design, pattern or shape desired in order to make your new office as fresh and stylish as possible.

Adding to their appeal, should your new office carpet tiles get damaged, stained or tattered, they are incredibly easy to order and replace. This will avoid the need to pull up and replace an entire carpet, making them a budget-friendly option, reducing the costs.

At Radius Office we have a wide range of office carpet tiles in stock. Our extensive colour, style and pattern options mean that you can choose the right look for your office. It also means that they can be used to create designated areas and walkways within an office space or as a fun way to designate separate areas of your new office due to its greater design flexibility. Our commercial carpet tiles are guaranteed the high-quality standard, which ensures that your floor will last for many years to come.

As part of our office fit-out service, we provide:

  • an initial consultation aimed to understand your office requirements
  • measurement and design to ensure to meet your expectations
  • delivery or the carpet tile products to your office location
  • full installation

We offer a professional service to make the fitting of your new flooring quick and easy for everyone.

We’re one of Ireland’s premier office fit-out and furniture supply companies and we’re here to help you achieve the office space that you want.

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