Furniture is a vital part of your workspace, allowing you to make the most of your space and personalise workstations and team areas. We provide a comprehensive furnishing service, with a wide choice of styles, finishes and colours available to fit your brand and design

  • Quality furnishing services for any kind of meeting rooms, including design and installation
  • Extensive range of chairs and desks to suit any budget
  • Various types of office desks that are practical and stylish
  • Durable and functional desk accessories to improve productivity
    Full installation included in our office fit-out service

We completely understand that your office should be equipped with furniture that can keep up with the hustle of the daily business world. This process can be quite daunting, so why not leave it to us? We have furnishing experience of more than 3 decades and will make your office space look and feel just like how you imagined.

Choosing the right furniture may seem like an easy task, but there are many variables that need to be considered for your perfect space where employees feel comfortable. We provide full office fit-outs, from meetings rooms to executive chairs and desks so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

A lot can happen in a Meeting room. These rooms, along with training and conference rooms, are probably the most important places in the infrastructure of a company. They see deals, conversations, breakthrough ideas, training sessions and so much more. Hence it is only fitting that you furnish it with the best meeting room furniture, to increase convenience, comfort and morale of the employees.

We also provide a vast array of seating options for your desk, meeting room or your breakout area. If you are looking for ergonomic or budget-friendly options, we also have some great solutions that could spark your interest.

The utility players of the world of office chairs are our Task and Ergonomic chairs. These ensure compatibility for different users, relaxation and lesser physical stress among employees while at work. With lumbar support and posture correction, these chairs will improve the health and productivity of your employees considerably.

Your office needs desks that will not only complement your professional ambience but also will be convenient and help employees stay relaxed while at work. Our desking services will ensure you stay on top of your productivity game by providing you with effective accessories like cable management solutions and monitor handles. We also deal in modular office desks that you can arrange as per your needs, executive desks to fulfil the needs of managerial positions and call-centre desks with storage systems that will maximise space in a small area.

We are one of Ireland’s premier suppliers & fitters of office interiors. We offer reliable service & free quotes for all office fit outs