Closed Meeting Pods

  • Meeting pods have become all the rage in the modern office, because of all of the benefits that they offer
  • Meeting pods can also be used as an interactive space for brainstorming sessions and team meetings
  • Meeting pods offer a specially designed area which is ideal for adhoc meetings or private phone conversations
  • Closed pods are more susceptible to the benefits of improved acoustics as they offer fewer opportunities for sound to enter and escape

Your reception area is likely to be the first place that visitors to your business will see. If your reception area doubles up as your waiting room then there is also a strong chance they could spend a good bit of time there. As a result, the first impression made by your reception carpets is crucial for your business. Your reception area carpet needs to be practical, durable, and lasting. While still being modern and stylish in order to best represent you and your brand image.

Radius Office Interiors offers an extensive range of reception carpets specifically designed to be strong and able to withstand a heavy amount of foot traffic. Additionally, all of our carpets are stain-resistant. Making them perfect for busy offices as they won’t fade or stain. They are allowing for your reception to stay looking clean, fresh and professional at all times.

Durability and practicality don’t mean you have to compromise on style either. Our carpets are available in a wide range of colours and styles. We know personalisation is important when designing an office space. So we offer an extensive range of carpets to ensure your reception area best reflects your brand and compliments your office decor.

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