Office Screens

Office screens are incredibly useful in the workplace.

  • Create privacy in the workplace with office screens
  • Extensive range of office screens available, including desktop screens, free-standing screens and acoustic screens
  • Mobile free-standing screens available for flexibility in the workplace
  • Budget range available
  • Full delivery and installation included as part of our office fit-out service

Office screens are incredibly useful in the workplace. They can be used to create privacy for your workforce, which is particularly useful in environments such as call centres, or where focus is needed for individual tasks. They can also be used to divide your space, creating separate zones for breakout sessions, private meetings and waiting areas. Acoustic screens can also help to reduce noise in the office, creating a calmer, more focused area to work in.

Radius Office has an extensive variety of office screens in stock. All our range has been sourced by some of Europe’s leading office furniture suppliers, ensuring its high quality and durability. Our desktop screens are ideally suited for busy office environments and can be easily clipped to an office desk, creating immediate privacy. Add to a bench system to create personal working zones for each of your employees, and use in a call centre to help your staff focus solely on their own conversation, without being distracted by the noise around them.

Alternatively, our full-length free-standing screens are ideally suited for creating a higher level of privacy. If you own a business that requires a high level of focus on an individual task – for example, graphic design or a legal firm, you may prefer to create separate areas for each of your staff, to enable them to work without distraction. Free-standing screens are also perfect for creating distinct zones in your office – such as waiting areas, ‘chill-out’ zones with soft seating, or even eating areas.

If you require a high level of flexibility, you may find that mobile office screens are better suited to your needs. These lighter-weight models can be easily moved into position, enabling you to create exactly the working environment you need. Likewise, if noise is a problem in your workplace, an acoustic screen will help minimise the effect, which creates a more peaceful office.

There are a variety of occasions where you might find yourself needing an office screen, and their flexible nature means you can literally tailor their use to your exact requirements. Radius Office has a wide range of office screens, in a variety of different colours and styles to suit your needs. We’re here to help you decide which screens are best for your business, and delivery and installation is included as part of our turnkey office fit-out service. With 30 years’ experience in the industry, you can rely on us to supply only the highest quality office furniture – at affordable prices.

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