Office Glass Partitions

  • Glass partitions help sub-divide office space, whilst maintaining overall flow
  • Wide range of glass partitions available
  • Additional features – including extra sound reduction and clear post frames
  • Choice of glazing and finish
  • Full installation included as part of office fit-out service
  • Free Online Quote using our Glass Partitions Configurator

Open-plan offices are a popular layout choice amongst our clients. However, we understand that certain sections of your office need to be divided off from the main space floor. Glass partitions provide the perfect solution to subdividing your space without breaking the flow of your office.

Glass office partitions allow light to pass easily through your office space giving it the bright, airy feel while still offering the privacy desired from dividers. Glass also provides natural sound reduction qualities and the advantage of being fire resistant. Glass partition walls give office spaces the best of both worlds, allowing for open plans to remain intact but still providing a quiet, enclosed space to allow for privacy and separation from a lively main flooring space.

Interior office glass partitions can cater to a wide range of uses. They are perfect for creating meeting rooms spaces. Frosted glass options are ideal for washrooms or locker rooms as well. The smooth surfaces that glass provides also makes them the ideal space for branding or logo placement. Personal touches like these can add a strong sense of professional appeal to your space and help to make an impact unique to your brand.

Radius Office Interiors stock and install a wide range of glass partitions, with a variety of options for customisation, so that you can have the perfect look for your office space. You can choose from dry joints or silicone for fitting. We also offer a wide variety of size and style to ensure that your glass panel partitions will suit the look and feel you’re aiming for, as well as match any decor within your office.

As Ireland’s leading office fit-out experts, we will work with you from initial designs to final installation, to create a sleek, professional glass partition system that works best for your business.

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