Office Sliding Partitions

  • Sliding partitions are an effective way of creating temporary sub-divisions in the workplace
  • Extensive range of sliding partitions in stock, using a variety of running rails
  • Available in straight, angled or curved designs
  • Option to personalise with branding or logo
  • Installation included as part of office fit-out service

A flexible working space is a priority for most offices. Sliding partitions offer the perfect solution for creating flexible, secluded areas within your open plan office space. They easily allow for privacy and are a simple and quick way to section off an open space.

Our sliding room dividers can be used to create standout areas within your office whenever you need them. Adding an instant impact to your office which is unique to your own space.

Our acoustic sliding walls are perfect for creating temporary meeting rooms or executive offices. Offering soundproof rooms of any size allowing for important work and meetings to take place with ease. Without permanently taking up a large amount of space within your office or breaking up your clean floor plan.

At Radius Office Interiors we offer a wide range of sliding office partitions to allow you to create any temporary space you could want quickly and easily. We have a variety of designs, styles and shapes to choose from, including straight, curved and angled. The option to add your logo or branding to your new sliding partition panels is also a unique way to add an instant and strong statement piece into your office through branding.

Our extensive range allows you to choose a design that perfectly suits the plans you have for your new office space. Or allows you to make a choice to match your existing office decor in order to update your existing space. We also have a wide selection of materials for you to choose from in order to ensure your moveable office walls best suit your needs.

All our sliding doors are supplied and installed as part of our comprehensive turnkey office fit-out service. We’ll work with you, from initial designs through to final fitting, to ensure that you receive a sliding partition system that fulfils your requirements perfectly.

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