Temperature Control

One of the most important aspects of creating a pleasant working environment is having an optimal temperature system in the office.

  • Temperature control systems available as part of our office fit-out service
  • Range of options, including air conditioning, ventilation or temperature control
  • Option to upgrade the existing system
  • Full installation and maintenance service included
  • Enables compliance with health and safety regulations

One of the most important aspects of creating a pleasant working environment is having an optimal temperature system in the office. Health and Safety regulations in Ireland and the UK, state that your employees have the right to work in a comfortable (and safe) environment. A precise temperature control system within your office can help you as a business owner to achieve this standard.

With a temperature control system in place, you can monitor and control the room temperature effectively within your building easily at the touch of a button. This helps to ensure that your staff can stay comfortable and remain focused on their jobs.

Radius Office Interiors offers a wide range of high-quality temperature control systems, air conditioning and ventilation systems for your office or any commercial property.

Our temperature control systems are all designed with simplicity in mind, and allow for one-touch adjustment. The control units can be positioned unobtrusively on a wall, which means they won’t spoil your décor or be accessed by any unauthorised personnel.

Our air conditioning units are designed to be quick to function and easy to use and don’t require any particular technical training. Allowing cool air to flow through your office, the levels of which can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. Like all of our temperature control systems, our air conditioning units can also be fitted easily, discreetly and without disturbing your office interior and design.

Our ventilation systems prevent the workspace from becoming too stuffy and overheated. Perfect for offices with limited natural air ventilation. Additionally, ventilation systems help to reduce dampness in the office, eliminating the build-up of mould on the ceiling and window ledges. This will prevent serious repercussions on the health of your employees and clients that mould can cause.

All our systems are manufactured by some of the best-known companies in Europe. Which means that you can be confident that your temperature control system is built to perform at a high standard, suiting any needs your building may have.

At Radius Office Interiors we provide temperature systems to suit all budget, offering the option to upgrade any existing systems that reside within your building as well. This is the perfect choice for a renovation on a limited budget as it allows you to enjoy similar benefits to a brand new system but at a fraction of the cost.

Whatever your requirements, Radius Office Interiors can help. Our comprehensive turnkey office fit-out service means that we’ll work with you to ensure your temperature control system provides your staff with optimum temperature comfort. We will also dispose of any existing old systems for you, and offer a full after-care service in order to ensure your new or improved units operate perfectly for however long your business needs it.

As one of Ireland’s premier office fit-out companies, we have over 30 years worth of experience fitting and supplying temperature control systems. We’ve got the expertise needed to provide you with the perfect temperature control system to meet all of your office needs.

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