Air Conditioning

  • Air conditioning boosts comfort and helps your company adhere to health and safety regulations
  • Extensive range of air conditioning systems in stock
  • Option to upgrade the existing system
  • Gassing and decommissioning service for older air conditioning units, if required
  • Full installation and after-care service available

Creating and managing a cool, comfortable environment for your employees to work in is extremely important for your business. Air conditioning systems are the most effective way to maintain a perfect climate within your office.

As the summer months continue to get warmer each year, systems like these are becoming more and more essential for businesses. Particularly in buildings that house a large number of people for an extended period of time, like busy offices or commercial buildings, it is crucial.

Our office air conditioning units are designed to be quick to function and easy to use. Giving you peace of mind to know that your employees’ productivity will never be hindered by something as trivial as being too hot, or uncomfortable to work to their fullest potential.

Our systems flood your workspace with fresh, cooling air, the levels of which can easily be adjusted to suit your requirements. Regardless of the weather outside or how well your building may hold in heat, our industrial air conditioning systems will ensure that you and your employees will always enjoy a comfortable environment to work in.

Radius Office Interiors stock a wide range of high-quality air conditioning systems. All of our systems have been designed and manufactured by some of Europe’s leading suppliers, in order to ensure that you receive a system that is durable and operates at the highest level of performance possible.

If your office already has central air conditioning we also offer the chance to update or upgrade it as part of our full office fit out service. Having an outdated cooling system is almost worse than not having one at all within your workspace. An underperforming air system is twice as frustrating for you and your employees, particularly if they know that the fresh relief of cool air should be felt, but due to an old or broken system, they are left to suffer in an unbearable climate.

Our turnkey office fit-out service includes the full installation of your new unit. We also offer a full gassing and decommissioning service for your older air conditioning system if required. We will also dispose of any old units that are no longer in use. And we offer a full after-care service in order to ensure your new or improved unit operates perfectly for however long your business needs it.

With over 30 years in the business, Radius Office Interiors can find the perfect temperature control system for your office. We are ready and waiting to help you to meet any of your building needs.

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