Temperature Control System

  • Temperature control solutions designed to create a more comfortable work environment
  • Extensive range of temperature control systems in stock
  • One-touch easy-to-use units available
  • Complies with health and safety regulations
  • Full installation included with office fit-out service

Temperature control systems are one of the most important aspects of your office. In fact, managing its environment has a direct effect on your clients and especially your employees. The temperature has a direct effect on their productivity and comfort while working.

If your office is too warm then your staff will feel more tired and be less efficient in their work. If it is too cold and it may escalate to having adverse effects on their health.

Room temperature control systems are key to striking the right balance and creating a comfortable environment within your building. Helping to ensure your office is operating at its highest standards, regardless of how the weather is outside of your building.

Radius Office Interiors offers a wide range of temperature control systems, which have been custom-designed to create more pleasant working environments.

Our precise temperature control systems have been manufactured by some of Europe’s leading temperature control specialists. Ensuring that when you invest in our systems, you can be sure you’re receiving a high-quality product that is built to perform.

Our temperature controlled room devices operate using a simple to use one-touch control. This is incredibly popular amongst our clients as it is easy to use, and also leads to higher comfort levels as the temperature of your room will not fluctuate as it is manually set.

Full installation is included in our office fit-out service. We will also dispose of any old control devices you no longer need as part of our full turn-key service.

We also offer the option to upgrade your existing systems, such as adding ventilation or air conditioning. An ideal alternative if your project is on a strict budget, allowing you all the advantages of an updated heating system without needing to undertake the costly endeavour of redoing your buildings infrastructure.

With over 30 years worth of experience fitting and supplying temperature control systems, we can help you to find the ideal solution to help set the perfect temperature for your office. As one of Ireland’s leading office fit-out specialists, you can trust us to supply and fit your office with a truly superior product.

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