Ventilation Systems

  • Ventilation systems provide an affordable way of improving air quality and reducing damp
  • Extensive range of ventilation systems available
  • Helps compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Disposal of existing ventilation system if required
  • Full installation included in our office fit-out service

Good air quality within your office is extremely important. A high-quality office ventilation system helps to ensure that your workplace stays well ventilated and cool, and prevents heat build up.

If your office is too hot, stuffy or poorly ventilated then it can have a negative effect on your employees’ productivity: It might cause them to lose focus and take longer to complete tasks that would be relatively simple in a well-ventilated environment.

A poorly ventilated room or office floor can also be a massive health and safety hazard as well. Commercial ventilation systems help to eliminate moisture and damp, which helps to reduce the development of mould on ceilings and windows. Helping to make the quality of your air easier to breathe.

There are other major health benefits involved in investing in a high tech ventilation system in your building as well. Ventilation purifies the air and helps to stop a buildup of pollutants and bacteria in your workplace. Improving the quality of air in your building and protecting your employees and customers from various health problems caused by poor ventilation, such as headaches, asthma or aggravating allergies.

Radius Office Interiors extensive range of ventilation systems have been designed by some of Europe’s best-known brands. Which means that you’ll not only be getting a high-quality system but one that’s built to last.

Full installation of your new ventilation system is included in our office fit-out service. And we will even dispose of your old system for you.

We can also upgrade your existing system, which is a great cost-effective alternative for businesses on a budget. Allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of a new ventilation system whatever your budget may be. You might also consider updating your temperature control or air conditioning system.

With over 30 years in the business, Radius Office Interiors can find the perfect temperature control system for your office. We are ready and waiting to help you find the perfect system to meet all your office needs.

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