Space planning can transform a tight, cramped office into a spacious workplace.

Space Planning

It is an integral part of any office design project. Space planning starts with an analysis of how you currently use your space. This allows us to create a design that maximises the space you have and meets the needs of your business and staff.

Office design and space planning is about both creativity and effectiveness. Every property and company is different in culture and working dynamics. We take all this into account when we create a design, looking at your growth plans, business needs, legal requirements and IT infrastructure. We’ll make sure the space we create will work for you for years to come.

We know that office space is expensive to buy or rent, so we’ll maximize your usable working space in order to save you money. Poorly planned offices feel uncomfortable and can cost you more. That makes them inefficient, both financially and ergonomically which can lead to poor staff morale.

Designing for productivity

Our specialist office space planning team creates designs for productivity. Our designs all conform to recognised space standards, meaning your staff will always have the furniture, storage and space they need to work to their potential.

We begin the space planning process with a meeting to discover what you need from your new space. We’ll take an in-depth look at the space, assessing it in detail, noting key features and workarounds needed. We’ll look at how you use your space now, and how you will use it in the future. Then, we’ll take into account storage requirements, which departments need to be close to each other and new ways of working you want to achieve.

If we were to simply look at a list of criteria, it would be difficult for us to find the ideal location for your business. But, with a bit of creativity, and by drawing on our experience, our expert team can work with the constraints of your building to create a design that works for you, meets standards and allows your space to pursue your ideas.

360° design consultations

Staff morale is a vital consideration in the planning and design process. We’ll work with you to design and plan a space that will have a positive impact on morale and productivity. We listen to your staff and include their suggestions in our designs. This helps create a unique space that is the perfect fit for your business and is comfortable, functional and inspiring.
We also make sure that your new office meets all health and safety regulations. We will make suggestions on how to include them in the design and make sure you stay up to date with them in the future. The same applies to build regulations and codes.

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